Michael Artman

Software Engineer

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Michael Artman


Knowledgeable software engineer looking to utilize current education in a field that will encourage problem solving. Strong understanding of the workplace and the conduct expected in and outside of the work environment. Previous work experience includes web app development, database application development and customer service. Proven ability to independently learn and develop skills to complete the job at hand. Positive team member with an excellent ability to build relationships.



The team that finishes on top is not always determined by the most talent but by the team that plays like a team. Teams that play like teams are more likely to overachieve and reach the impossible. In order for a team to be a team, each member must take the responsibility to do his/her part to be a good teammate.


A good developer follows the boy scout rule, always leaving things cleaner than they found it. They are never happy when looking at past work and is always wanting to refactor. A good developer knows how to break down complex functionality into small deliverable pieces.

UI Development

Through 2020 and beyond, a record number of businesses will launch new computer systems and web-based applications to gain a competitive advantage in the increasingly digital world. Demand for talented user interface developers will flourish in all of these domains, including web, software and mobile application development.

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Michael Artman

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